Black Educators after Brown vs. Board of Education


  • Christopher E. Anderson


With its decision in Brown v. Board of Education, the Supreme Court mandated the desegregation of public schools. However, the Brown decision had an unintended negative effect on black educational institutions, not just black students but also black teachers, often the graduates of the rigorous educational process of HBCUs. Leaders had developed the intellectual foundations of early black colleges with a focus on attaining maximum academic superiority from their black students. The Brown decision, however, unintentionally had an adverse consequence on black education and community by disregarding these foundations, their rigor, and their success. Black educators, many of whom had been graduates from these HBCUs, were largely ignored and cut off from the integration process after the Brown decision. Ultimately, then, the Brown decision opened the door for the devaluing of black education, leading to the loss of black educators and their knowledge and experience.