About the Journal

Focus and Scope

JHRE seeks (1) exercises and cases that can be used to illustrate key HRM concepts, (2) topical reviews/summaries that could be used as supplemental course materials, (3) opinion pieces related to HRM topics and HRM education, (4) manuscripts that discuss effective or innovative classroom and online teaching methods, (5) discussions of student evaluation strategies and templates, (6) resource reviews (e.g., books, videos, computer tools), (7) practitioner commentaries about the content of HRM education or its effectiveness, and (8) other conceptual and practical materials that enhance the presentation and learning of subjects related to human resources management.

Peer Review Process

JHRE uses a double-blind peer review process for reviewing submissions. A minimum of two members of the editorial board will review each submission.  Authors will be notified of journal decisions within 8-12 weeks.  Manuscripts will be evaluated on the following factors: organization of the material, clarity of expression, knowledge of related literature, usefulness of material for teaching/instruction, potential interest to JHRE audience, grammar/spelling/punctuation, and conformance with JHRE and APA style guidelines,.

Publication Frequency

Once accepted, JHRE articles are published in the next available issue of the journal, which typically occurs quarterly.

Open Access Policy

JHRE provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


Our policy is that JHRE will set the standard with regard to being intolerant of plagiarism.  Therefore, all submissions to this journal are subject to plagiarism review using plagiarism detection tools such as TurnItIn.com and others.  All authors, reviewers, and editors are strongly encouraged to use these tools as a routine review practice with regard to all submissions to JHRE.

Minor issues of plagiarism, such as the inadvertent omission of quotes, citations, etc., will be brought to the attention of the author for correction.  These issues must be corrected prior to acceptance of any submission for publication.

Major issues of plagiarism, such as wholesale copying of significant quantities of parenthetical material from another author's work, will result in immediate rejection of the submission.  In addition, it is the policy of JHRE that major issues of plagiarism will be brought to the attention of the editorial staff.  If the editorial staff determines that such an issue does exist, other individuals may be notified (i.e. instructors for student submissions, department chairs, deans for faculty, etc.)


Organizations and individuals alike are invited to support the development of JHRE through Sponsorship.

Sponsors provide unrestricted funds that help JHRE fulfill our mission to our researchers and readers alike. Sponsors of JHRE will be listed on the journal website, as well as in the journal issues.

To ensure their commitment to the integrity of our research, and to help maintain the neutrality of our reviewers and editorial staff,  our sponsors are asked to agree to the following statements:

-  We support the principle of research neutrality that JHRE strives to maintain and recognize the potential for conflicts of interest that may arise due to our financial support to the journal. We hereby agree that no attempt has been, nor will be made, to influence any part of the editorial process of JHRE in return for our continued support.

-  We recognize that JHRE reserves the right to refuse sponsorship from any individual or organization that the editorial staff feels is not in the best interests of the journal.

-  We understand that JHRE's sponsorship policy is based on similar policy statements of other research journals, and is adhered to in the interest of maintaining research neutrality and integrity.

Individuals and organizations that are interested in becoming a sponsor of JHRE should contact the Editor-in-Chief directly.

Journal History

JHRE was founded in 2007 by Dr. William J. Heisler under the sponsorship of Dr. Don Hines, Dean, Sorrell College of Business. Support for the journal has continued under the deanship of Judson C. Edwards.